Locked Out In Australia!

Awesome news! We are back in Australia for two weeks only to reshoot a couple of scenes that we wanted to redo. Usually budget wouldn’t allow us to do it, but a contact we met whilst over in Oz covered our flights. Booyah! We had been out all night filming a particular night scene and we didn’t get home till 5 am in the morning. I was about to die. We managed… Read More

Watching the Superbowl on a location shoot in Australia??

Ok, ok… I know I’ve been slack and haven’t updated you guys on what’s going on. So consider this an update. We all got together and worked out despite our moderate success on Kickstarter, we were still about $10k short of being able to start this movie. So, we all put down the cameras and scripts and story boards, and got jobs. Yes, it sucks, but that’s what you have to do… Read More

Finding the right spot

Locating a setting that would capture the scene the way we wanted to was an oddly difficult task. The way we chose to search for it was pretty much driving around the countryside, waiting to stumble upon something that would match what we want. With all the stops we made it took us pretty much one whole day till we found one. Not to mention we were stopped by police officers two… Read More