Our Favorite Independent Films on Netflix

Do we need to explain the importance of the independent film genre, or how much we love indie movies? As aspiring independent filmmakers, we’ve put a lot of time into watching hundreds – maybe even thousands – of truly amazing indie films from incredibly talented creators that deserve applause for their contribution to the art of film. We’d love to shine a spotlight on the indie genre and give some well-deserved credit,… Read More

Ramblings…Beards and Beard Oil!

Beard Oil

Let me start off by telling you this article has nothing to do with filming of any sort and everything to do with some late-night Internet ramblings I had. You see, from time to time I suffer from a bit of insomnia and nothing helps me fill those sleepless hours like clicking around randomly on the web. So, it was during one of these click fests that I discovered this little jewel:… Read More

Shooting at home


So here we are, reporting from a super secret location about filming a super secret scene from a super secret movie, that Garry wrote. And as everyone knows Garry is a super awesome man, a very great director, and is totally not the writer of this post. In all honesty we are in Tom’s house which pretty much looks like price of Bel-Air lives in. That ***hole never has any money and… Read More