Finding the right spot

Locating a setting that would capture the scene the way we wanted to was an oddly difficult task. The way we chose to search for it was pretty much driving around the countryside, waiting to stumble upon something that would match what we want.

With all the stops we made it took us pretty much one whole day till we found one. Not to mention we were stopped by police officers two separate times for driving too slow while discussing if we could certain areas we saw not too far from the road. The second cop even asked if he would find illegal substances in the vehicle if he searched through it, “No sir, this is how we always look like.”

As the day was coming to an end we were freaking out that we will have to spend second day searching for the right location but luckily Tom spotted a perfect spot on a little hill. It was bit far away from the road and we had to walk so when we got there it was sundown, and it was perfect. The way the light was hitting the area, the grass, the trees, the stone. It took us all day to find one tiny hill that we approved of, perhaps we are taking this project a bit too seriously.

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  1. Its nice to see you guys are taking your time to do things right the first time. Best of luck getting the approval!

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