Getting the funds

We’ve had idea for this project for a little while now but as all college students we are pretty much broke. We have applied for college project funds before but we haven’t had any success.
This time though we went the whole 9 yards. Provided the script, scene planing, locations, planed video effect, actors, sound details, music, equipment we will use. Absolutely everything we could think of, from clothes to make up, to weather and so on. No chance in hell we would be rejected this time.

So all three of us got ready for the presentation of what we are planing. We dressed up nicely, planed everything we will say, discussed questions that might be given to us. Sure generally pleas for project funding are done with email but we wanted to make an impression and show how much we want to do this short film.

So it took us two weeks to get everything in order (most of that was finding the perfect location), most probably longer then it will take us to complete the movie. We were ready, we felt aggressive and very confident that this must go through, we will not back down.

So we get into the office with all the bags, papers and pictures. Lay everything down and prepare for a lengthy speech. Tom stands slightly in front of us and starts “So the plan is to make Philosopher Kings movie and-”
He got interrupted, the guy just said “Yeah, sure you got it. Just let me finish the paperwork here.”

We were pretty much depressed for not getting a chance to fight for our project after so much preparation…

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  1. I don’t see where the problem is. You got well prepared and earned the funds. Its not like all that research was wasted, not you know exactly what to do and how to do it.

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