What Does It Take to Be An Independent Film Producer?

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As we work towards making our movie a reality, we wanted to sit down and take a look at the work that goes into being an independent film producer. Being an indie anything is obviously going to have its serious obstacles, and its own unique pros and cons. We wondered how being an indie filmmaker measures up against being an independent in any other business. When you’re an indie filmmaker, you’re in… Read More

Our Favorite Independent Films on Netflix

Do we need to explain the importance of the independent film genre, or how much we love indie movies? As aspiring independent filmmakers, we’ve put a lot of time into watching hundreds – maybe even thousands – of truly amazing indie films from incredibly talented creators that deserve applause for their contribution to the art of film. We’d love to shine a spotlight on the indie genre and give some well-deserved credit,… Read More

Props and the Quest for Christmas Trees

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So, you’re filming a movie and there’s a scene that takes place in a submarine, but you don’t own a submarine. What do you do? Do you buy a submarine? Do you maybe have a submarine guy? Could you trade your Pokemon collection for that submarine over on that military base, just yonder across the pond? I’m asking seriously, folks. We don’t need a submarine, unfortunately since we do have a pretty… Read More