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Since I am a college student, aka poor as a church mouse, I was pretty much thinking to film Philosopher Kings with my smartphone camera since my real camera broke about 6 months ago. When I told that to Tom and Mike they pretty much laughed in my face. Tom was all “Don’t worry man, I’ll get you a professional camera. You’ll see.”.
So okay that was pretty exciting, I was waiting to see what kind of monster camera will he bring. I’ve never had one and to be honest I was worried what if I brake it.
I mean come on, professional cameras are expensive as hell. I’ve spent the next day on my PC reading about the cameras used to make movies, handling them and so on.

Eventually Tom gives me a call that his brother brought him the Pro camera and I can come to test it out. Three of us meet up in Starbucks to see that beauty and… *cry* Tom pulls out a GoPro cam out of his backpack with serious expression on his face. I just wanted to empty my cup in his god damn face, while Mike pretty much nearly died laughing.

After he calmed down he said that his father works at a news station and might hook us up with some old camera. That old camera turned out to be Panasonic AG-HPX250 P2 HD Handheld Camcorder which we proceeded to nerdgasm all over. To be honest it looked like it just came out of the store. The video quality of this beauty, its stability, the colors, everything is amazing.

Once you go High Definition you can never go back (T_T)

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  1. well you cant blame the guy, it does have pro in it hahahahaha

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