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Do we need to explain the importance of the independent film genre, or how much we love indie movies? As aspiring independent filmmakers, we’ve put a lot of time into watching hundreds – maybe even thousands – of truly amazing indie films from incredibly talented creators that deserve applause for their contribution to the art of film. We’d love to shine a spotlight on the indie genre and give some well-deserved credit, so we thought we’d each share a couple of our all-time favorite independent movies!

Garry’s picks:

  • My number-one spot definitely goes to 2012’s Silver Linings Playbook, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. Silver Linings Playbook is a sensitive, charming, and sometimes painful look at mental illness, emotional recovery, and trying to mend personal relationships. The character development in this film is utterly believable and relatable, and J-Law’s acting in her lead role is (as I have come to expect of her) brilliant and just the right amount of awkward. Oh, and can’t forget that perfectly placed support by the great Robert De Niro!
  • Another of my all-time favorites that I discovered while growing up into the movie buff that I am today, is The Virgin Suicides, a 1999 movie adapted from Jeffrey Eugenides’ book of the same name, and directed by Sofia Coppola. Wrought with wistful and haunting melancholia, this is a tale of five beautiful doomed sisters and the boys who loved them, now grown into men but unable to forget them.

Mike’s picks:

  • I have to go with Fat Kid Rules the World as the best indie film I’ve seen in a few years. This movie is about a fat and unhappy high school kid named Troy who’s about to commit suicide, but is inadvertently rescued by a former student turned homeless dropout, named Curt. Curt recruits Troy to play drums in a punk band (even through Troy can’t play drums). Comedic yet sensitive and relatable, this one’s a must-watch for anyone who gets the high school struggle and the value of even difficult friendships.
  • And because I’m secretly a total romantic (don’t tell!), I have to say a few things about Blue is the Warmest Colour (or, La Vie d’Adèle), a 2013 film by Tunisian-French director Abdellatif Kechiche and starring Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos. This film is about a teenage girl looking for a boy to love, until she meets a charismatic blue-haired girl on the street who piques her interest. Blue is the Warmest Colour unanimously won the Palme D’Or award at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival and has received multitudes of further critical acclaim.

Tom’s picks:

  • I love horror movies, even the awful ones. So, my big contribution to this list of recommendations is The Blair Witch Project, which I’m glad to say is absolutely not one of the awful ones. It’s a spine-chilling “found footage” film about three student filmmakers who supposedly disappeared while working on a documentary about a local legend, the Blair Witch. This movie is one of my favorite examples of highly convincing script writing intended to give the viewers an extremely realistic experience.
  • And on a far less scary note, here’s a shout-out to Wrong Cops – the most hilariously offensive, disjointed, and satirical film I’ve seen in awhile. This one’s a Super Troopers-esque comedy about a group of Los Angeles cops that get bored and pick up a little petty criminal activity on the side. Interestingly, the cast features Marilyn Manson “out of costume”. Fair warning: Wrong Cops is not for the politically correct or overly sensitive!

In case we didn’t mention this already: All the movies we recommended above are currently ready to stream on Netflix, so make sure you get a VPN if Netflix isn’t available to watch in your country yet! There’s surely an indie film for anyone’s tastes; whether you’d best enjoy drama, romance, action, art, comedy, or horror, there’s something out there for you. We hope you check out our recommendations and perhaps even delve into the expansive universe of independent film. Enjoy!

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