Christmas Trees Sydney

Props and the Quest for Christmas Trees

So, you’re filming a movie and there’s a scene that takes place in a submarine, but you don’t own a submarine. What do you do? Do you buy a submarine? Do you maybe have a submarine guy? Could you trade your Pokemon collection for that submarine over on that military base, just yonder across the pond?

I’m asking seriously, folks. We don’t need a submarine, unfortunately since we do have a pretty reliable submarine guy; but we are in dire need of a few Christmas trees. Where do you go about finding a few of those in the middle of Summer?

As usual, I took to the internet, my most trusty of sidekicks. I found fake Christmas trees right off the bat, but who wants the plastic when you can have the real thing? I kept searching, like a madman hyped up on toaster strudel.

Finally, I came across this great site, they deliver Christmas trees in Sydney. I felt hope nuzzle once more into my chest. I knew that if I found one, I could find them all! (Much like my Pokemon collection.) Find them I did. Turns out, Christmas tree delivery is a pretty lucrative business even off season. There are tree delivery operations throughout the world. In New York, they have Soho Trees, Tyler’s Trees and NYC Trees. The U.K. has Real Christmas Trees, Christmas Forest and Pines & Needles.

It was all for a pretty decent price, and needless to say, I don’t think there is anything the internet won’t give you if you just ask hard enough. There’s just something about the fresh scent of pine that I can’t resist and apparently neither can the good people keeping these places in business. Now, if anyone is selling a few thousand feet of Christmas lights, feel free to let us know. We could really use a Christmas light guy.

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