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Ramblings…Beards and Beard Oil!

Let me start off by telling you this article has nothing to do with filming of any sort and everything to do with some late-night Internet ramblings I had. You see, from time to time I suffer from a bit of insomnia and nothing helps me fill those sleepless hours like clicking around randomly on the web.

So, it was during one of these click fests that I discovered this little jewel: World Beard & Moustache Championships. Yes, there actually is such a thing but what I love best about this particular website is the fantastic pics.

There really are some epic ones. Who knew you could be so creative with facial hair?

My curiosity was peaked. Not that I had any illusions of entering any kind of competition like this. When it comes to facial hair, I have zero patience for what is needed to grow out anything close to resembling a beard.

Have you heard that rumor that if you shave an area, then the hair grows back faster and thicker? Apparently that is not true. That was not the only tidbit of knowledge I acquired about beards.

Beards have been around since before we discovered fire. A man’s facial hair was seen as a status symbol and a measure of his vitality. Men in olden days were punished by having their beards shaved off and we can thank the Romans for introducing shaving into our grooming ritual.

I was curious about how you cared for a beard once you got one to grow to any reasonable length. There are a ton of videos on YouTube that cover everything from how to brush a beard to the various products made just for beards. You can use regular shampoo and conditioner on your beard if you like. They even make hair color specifically for beards. Another product I had never heard of is beard oil. The beard oil keeps the beard smooth and shiny and I found a great selection of beard oil on this website,

Well, there you go boys and girls. Everything and more that you could ever want to know about beards.

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