Shooting at home

So here we are, reporting from a super secret location about filming a super secret scene from a super secret movie, that Garry wrote. And as everyone knows Garry is a super awesome man, a very great director, and is totally not the writer of this post.

In all honesty we are in Tom’s house which pretty much looks like price of Bel-Air lives in. That ***hole never has any money and lives in a freaking mansion, what a slimy bastard. Now I would like to go very descriptive of how beautiful the house is but as it turns out we will be using green screen for this project.
Only reason we are at his place is because its huge and we plan to make a long take scene. Which is probably stupid as we never used green screen before, but I suppose we will learn a lot by doing something new. At the end of the day that’s what we are suppose to do, learn something new on every project so future ones are even better. Wish us luck!

Wait, did I mention the house has a pool? Well it does and I need to, ummm… go test it out while the guys are setting up the green screen.

One Comment on “Shooting at home

  1. That was no pool you poor schmuck, have you never seen a duck pond?

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