We’ve got a man down!

So… a certain someone *cough* Mike *cough* got too excited over a lady coming over and fell out of his shower while rushing out. Not that we said anything of course, this is strictly private.
In any case he broke his arm, considering how clumsy he is we have no idea why the little miss was coming over in the first place. So that leaves us without one crucially important member of the crew. Not good, but at least we get to remind him of this events for the rest of our lives. Good times.

Before you ask Mike is fine, he got a distal radius fracture due to thinking with the wrong head. His arm is currently in the cast but he should be up and running in about 4 weeks. Till then we were thinking to work on other projects since we have a sweet ass camera with us now. Can’t miss the chance to use it.

Only problem being that each of us scribbled down so many ideas we can’t agree which one we want to do. Plus they really are just scribbles. There is pretty much no details, just the general idea. Well obviously we won’t go with Mikes idea, he is now around mainly for comic relief.

2 Comments on “We’ve got a man down!

  1. You guys should hire a crew to make a movie of you while you’re filming philosoper kings. This shit is hilarious

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